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We wanted our boys to get away from all the TV and video games so we introduced them to Perler Beads. They loved the beads and started making many things. Unfortunately, their creations were made so quickly that we had to spend a lot of time ironing their creations. In order to have them spend more time creating things, I started out making Perler Bead templates of their favorite Yo-kai Watch characters. That’s how our templates got started and how our mini-project became this blog.




The templates are all based on the 29×29 square bead plate.

The smaller designs with fewer colours can be completed in an hour. The more complex ones may take up to two hours for younger children.

(In our case, our younger twins can complete one design faster than our older son!)


妖怪ビーズ図案リスト (Yo-kai Templates)


The templates generally follow the order of the TV anime but there are a few other yo-kai templates in between as well. The lists are shown as thumbnails.


妖怪ウォッチアイロンビーズの図案 51~100


妖怪ウォッチアイロンビーズの図案 151~200

妖怪ウォッチアイロンビーズの図案 200~250

妖怪ウォッチアイロンビーズの図案 251~300

妖怪ウォッチアイロンビーズの図案 301~350


妖怪ビーズ図案リスト(族別) (Yo-kai Templates、sorted by Clan)


The Yo-kai are sorted by tribe with their names in kanji, romanized names, and English version names where available.

イサマシ族 – The Brave Clan

フシギ族 – The Mysterious Clan

ゴーケツ族 – The Tough Clan

プリチー族 – The Charming Clan

ポカポカ族 – The Heartful Clan

ウスラカゲ族 – The Shady Clan

ブキミー族 – The Eerie Clan

ニョロロン族 – The Slippery Clan

レジェンド妖怪 – The Legendary Yokai

その他 – Kaima and Others



A request from Senapapa - The templates contained in this blog are purely for personal use as fanart of Yo-kai Watch. The templates were created in order to help develop concentration, tactile skills and motivated young children. The copyright for the characters and their names belong to the original creators and if you own the copyright for the characters and request that they be removed, the templates will be removed immediately. The templates are not for sale, not to be put up for sale and please refrain from copying, transferring and posting these templates in other blogs, websites and/or other media platforms. Thank you.