About the blog


This blog hopes to introduce some interesting ways to increase the curiosity, concentration and ways of thinking in children through play. Educating children can be both challenging and exciting. Hoping to raise our kids to be bilingual speakers, we are sometimes challenged with finding good resources and ideas to keep the kids excited and motivated. This blog hopes to give you some ideas that we have tried.



About the author


I’m a dad of three young boys living in Canada. I have a high school teaching licence and after spending nearly 10 years teaching in Japan, I returned to Canada to raise a family.  In my free time, I like to get on the computer and come up with materials to play with my kids. Recently, our kids have been caught up in the Japanese Youkai Watch frenzy and I’ve been spending a lot of time making Perler Bead patterns of the characters for the kids. When my wife and I aren’t working or running around taking the kids to skating, soccer, hockey and Japanese classes, we are coming up with ways to learn kanji, math and English.